Kitchen Remodel - October 2011
John Christensen
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I put this window in the weekend before work started. It's on the North side, and is much more efficient.

Below is the latest on the kitchen..... Floor comes home, more wood work, some finishing.
Click on the pictures to see larger versions.

The Oak trim is started

The knee wall is primed

This shows an example of where we are going with the trim. Andrew just cit some pieces at an angle to show where cove molding will go.

Shot from the front door

This is shot from the far corner by the couch.

Shot from the Sliding back door.

We are holding out taking the last bit of carpet out until right before the floor goes in on the 28th of November.
The oak woodwork trim was finished Tuesday the 22nd
We just need to fill the nail holes, sand and stain these parts.

We brought all the flooring home in the El Camino. There was 35 pounds of air in the air bags inside the rear coils. It rode great, and just a little lower than level with a very heavy load.
A closer look at the stranded Bamboo Toast Flooring going in on the 28th.
We opened all but 2 boxes to let the flooring acclimate to the environment before installation.
The floor is prepped for the Bamboo
I put a few screws in to get rid of some creaking
Ready for the floor
Someone else's hard work while I am at the store. Nice!
View from the patio door.
It's coming together!

Truffle guarding the 2 boxes I will be returning.
A tired dog Bowie takes a break after the extra effort navigating the wood floors with his toy.
Started sanding cabinets at 8 AM. Finished with everything inside after sanding and staining at 9 PM. Had one outing to eat, and one run to Home Depot. Got a lot done 12/4/11

Stained cabinets

The heater kept the garage at 65 all day.

You can see the color that the wall will be going unpsairs, and down.

The cap on the knee wall.

Photoshop version of the colors we will be using. We had painted the swatches on the wall, so I borroed the colors. The back splash wall will all be tile.

We didn't like the colors that went with the other tile, so this will be the one. Looked like baby poo. This pic doesn't show the color as well as the Photoshop one.
There's a finish on the wood now. Ceilings and walls are painted
Alligator is the color. Looks great.
Looking out at the first snowfall that covered the ground this morning. 12/8/11 is really late for the first snow around here.
After a long day of getting more oak for the base boards, buying a sink, and getting the counters,
I put the 2 lights up.
No more wires coming from the holes in the ceiling. Really makes the color pop. We paid money down on Granite today too. The cabinets get set in place Monday, and they come to measure Tuesday.

Put filler banels under the existing cabinets, and shoe molding.

The first piece of base board goes in.
All the base boards are finished.
One last look at the butcher block Formica.... NOT gonna miss it!
12/28/11 Our Christmas present to each other... Granite is installed.

Granite composite sink

The new Island, just needs some trim.
Good look at the granite with no flash. The hutch is solid Cherry, a family heirloom.
Backsplash glass tiles went up yesterday, and grout today 1/3/12. Got the blinds back up.
Looks great in person. The stove is still slid out to do finish and sealing tomorrow or the next day.

Working the appliances back in.

Looking more 'normal'.

The TV and couch are back in place. Put up some blinds.

Pictures from our Mexico trip will be on the walls shortly.
The island has doors now. THe bottom trim needs to be done, but it's functional.